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Hosts Brian and Malinda Gagnon explore the world of data, automation, technology and their growing presence in our daily lives. Diving into the world of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and all things technology, Data Myths delivers for both dataphiles and dataphobes.

Listen as the Gagnons interview industry leaders and startup founders, review new tech trends and products, and examine how data and technology drive our professional and personal worlds.
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Tesla: 100 Years Too Early

Did you know wireless power was invented more than a century ago? Nikola Tesla was a man far ahead of his time. What were some of his contributions to our modern everyday lives? Why is he not known for all of his inventions? Join us on this episode of Data Myths as we dive into “The man who invented the 20th century”.
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How to Win at Pitching: A SXSW Recap

Brian and Malinda share key insights on how to talk about your company to your audience and investors. What does it take for your company to get funding? What are VC’s looking for? Find out what needs to be added or removed from your pitch.
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