April 3, 2019

Shopify vs. Mailchimp - An E-Commerce Data Dispute

Have you heard about the most recent e-commerce breakup? Wondering if you should be team MailChimp or team Shopify? Brian and Malinda share what led to the split and what it means for the future. Learn who will be affected by the severed ties and what they can do to protect themselves in the future.

Summary: This week we’re catching you up on all the dirty data details of the recent Shopify and MailChimp breakup. Before you decide whether you’re team MailChimp or team Shopify, listen to Brian and Malinda weigh in on what ultimately led to the split. Who are the casualties? What does the split mean for other platforms? Is your data really in jeopardy? Brian and Malinda explain how this e-commerce drama is affecting small businesses and start up companies. If you’re a small business owner wondering if this will affect you and your store, plug in and listen up. It’s time to start planning for the future and thinking about user privacy and data ownership.

What We Covered:

1:00 - What’s happening between Mailchimp and Shopify?

2:00 - Facebook, Apple, and Google getting into trouble

3:00 - Klaviyo

5:00 - What is Mailchimp? What about Shopify?

13:00 - MailChimp is buying LemonStand

17:00 - User privacy, terms and conditions, and sharing customer information.

18:00 - Where do Cloud services stand in this situation?

19:00 - Where do enterprise companies stand on data sharing services?

19:00 - The Networking Effect in relation to data?

22:00 - Who is in control of your data?

23:00 - HubSpot and Salesforce

36:00 - MailChimp GDPR and Privacy legislation

39:00 - Data breaches and how it will affect the way data is controlled

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