April 17, 2019

The E-Commerce Equation: To Prime or Not To Prime—That is the Question

What is the state of e-commerce? This week’s episode dives deep into the world of e-commerce—where it’s been, where it’s headed, and what’s next for emerging e-commerce brands. Brian and Malinda discuss the buyer's journey, why people buy, where people buy, and how businesses are changing their online strategy to stay competitive.

Summary: Where will e-commerce be in five years? Will Brian and Malinda find another great deal on a TV before then? This week’s episode focuses on e-commerce—the major players, the trends, and the future of main street shopping. Today, e-commerce platforms are empowering brands to sell directly to consumers; closing the gap on third-party retail sellers; and reducing the cost of production. On this week’s e-commerce-focused episode, Brian and Malinda consider how Amazon factors into the e-commerce equation. Will main street businesses stay competitive? Will we be seeing more pop-up stores and food trucks in the future? Listen to find out.

What We Covered:

1:00 - DIG SOUTH

3:00 - 90 percent of retail sales come from in-store purchases.

6:00 - Millennial's are changing their buying habits.

17:00 - Amazon’s strategy to stay in the e-commerce market.

21:00 - Over 50 percent of Amazon’s products are sold through 3rd parties.

21:00 - Amazon leading the charge in the Networking Effect

21:00 - Uprise Partners growth strategy in the e-commerce industry.

25:00 - InstaCart used to deliver for Whole Foods Market.

32:00 - Amazon’s not so secret way to success.

37:00 - Walmart and Kroger bought companies in the technology industry.

40:00 - Best Buy is creating in store experiences.

41:00 - Local stores are competing in the marketplace.

42:00 - Pop-up shops and food trucks are creating urgency and unique experiences.

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