May 22, 2019

Clouds on the Horizon: To Cloud or Not to Cloud

Ever wonder what the cloud really is and how it was formed? Should companies utilize tools like AWS, or keep the cloud in-house? In this episode of Data Myths, Brian and Malinda discuss the history of cloud services and how we got where we are today. Don’t know the difference between a public, private, and hybrid cloud? Tune in to find out.

Summary: Gone are the days of stashing servers under your desk. In this week’s episode, Brian guides listeners through a brief history of cloud computing. From the early days of mainframes to today’s hybrid cloud resources, learn how both people and companies have benefited from advancements in cloud technology. Your hosts share how the cloud has reduced the barrier to entry for technology startups and how larger organizations must assess their needs before committing to one cloud solution. And if you’re a dataphobe cringing at the word ‘cloud’, fear not… you’ll get a lot out of this episode!

What We Covered:

1:00 - The Amazon Effect: Love to Hate It, or Hate to Love It? episode - AWS and cloud computing.

2:00 - Most cloud and AI users don’t even know they are using it.

3:00 - What is the cloud?

4:00 - Benefits of the cloud - Lowering the barrier to entry for some companies.

5:00 - Life before the cloud: The age of mainframes.

6:00 - IBM’s involvement with mainframes.

10:00 - IBM’s PC, Apple’s Mac, C64, TRS-80, and Altair 8800 were created in the 70s and early 80s - The start of the PC client server.

13:00 - Big data centers were created - These were more complex and less utilized.

14:00 - The dot.bomb hits.

14:00 - Redhat and Cisco rise.

14:00 - What is colocation?

16:00 - What are DevOps? (Development Operations)

16:00 - 1998 VMware is founded and makes its way into the Intel X86 architecture space.

18:00 - VMware’s virtualization and its benefits.

20:00 - What is the Hypervisor?

21:00 - Linux, Unix, and the Mainframe using multitenant architecture.

23:00 - VMware’s IPO

26:00 - Machine catalogs and the creation of server templates.

26:00 - The creation of AWS in 2006 and Gmail in 2004.

29:00 - Welcome To The Age Of Assets: Brokers vs. Owners episode - A cloud shared economy.

31:00 - The uses of private, public, and hybrid cloud resources and what is cloud bursting?

35:00 - What would new business owners do over again if given the choice?

36:00 - Why the cloud isn’t always cheaper.

38:00 - Netflix and Dropbox using public and private cloud services.

40:00 - Infrastructure and Platform as a service.

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