May 29, 2019

Capturing Attention in a Busy World: Is it Possible?

We change screens 21 times an hour and see 10,000 brand messages a day. That’s a lot. Our attention is fractured, so how do companies reach their consumers in ways that are meaningful? Join Brian and Malinda as they discuss the challenges of digital and traditional advertising. Learn which companies have an advantage, and why digital advertising is just a small part in a company’s overall communications strategy. Don’t know how to stand out to consumers? Tune in to find out.

Summary: In today’s digital advertising landscape, it’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd and grab a consumer’s attention. So what’s a company to do? In this episode of Data Myths, Malinda walks us through the complex and evolving world of digital advertising. Reviving the “Data Myths Leaders and Losers” segment, Malinda breaks down everything from Google’s dynamic advertising to the future of cashing in as an influencer. Is traditional advertising dead? Can anyone take over Google as the top advertising platform? What does it take to catch a consumer’s eye? Listen to this week’s episode to find out.

What We Covered:

4:00 – Digital vs traditional advertising.

6:00 – Different types of Google Ads: Text, shopping, display, video.

6:00 – What is a dynamic ad?

7:00 – What is a native ad?

9:00 – Consumers are now accustomed to free content and fed up with ads.

12:00 – Influencer Marketing

14:00 – Regulations are growing in influencer marketing for consumer transparency.

15:00 – Augment My Reality Please episode – Fyre festival’s use of influencer marketing.

21:00 – Digital advertising spend eclipses traditional advertising.

22:00 – Google and Facebook’s ad duopoly.

23:00 – Will there be a scarcity of resources as users run out of time in the day?

26:00 – Leader: Google – 34 percent of consumers’ time online is on Google or a Google-owned site.

28:00 – Loser: Facebook – Usage has been declining

29:00 – Leader: Amazon – “The Amazon Effect: Love to Hate it, or Hate to Love it?” episode.

29:00 – Losers: Microsoft and Verizon – Losing market share.

30:00 – What are out of home ads?

31:00 – Influencer marketplace is getting crowded.

33:00 – Don’t Let Curation Kill Discovery episode – It is hard to find true creators

35:00 – Welcome to the Age of Assets: Brokers vs Owners episode – Brokers have an advantage now, but creators may begin to gain ground in the digital space.

39:00 – What will the relationship between creators and brokers look like in the future?

43:00 – Google and Facebook provide a good digital ecosystem for tracking attribution and click path to help brands understand their data.

44:00 – What is ad verification?

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