June 5, 2019

Romancing the Blockchain: Are We Ready?

How does blockchain technology work? What are the regulations in place today? Who is winning in the battle of bitcoin vs the bank? Join Brian and Malinda as they host Thomas Nägele and Alexis Esneault in a discussion about the different uses of blockchain, what is standing in the way of mass adoption, and what is on the horizon for cryptocurrency.

Summary: In this special episode of Data Myths, Brian and Malinda travel virtually to Liechtenstein to host Thomas Nägele and Alexis Esneault. Thomas is a blockchain expert and managing partner of NÄGELE Attorneys at Law. Alexis is an attorney at the firm and also specializes in blockchain and distributed ledger technology. With blockchain and cryptocurrency being relatively new, it’s important to think about what practical uses are. How will it affect how we do business? What are its potentials? And most importantly… What is it? Join Brian, Malinda, Alexis, and Thomas to learn more about the world of blockchain.

What We Covered:

1:00 – A little about our guests: Thomas Nägele and Alex Esneault from Nägele Attorneys at Law LLC.

6:00 – House of Blockchain – Coworking space in Liechtenstein.

8:00 – What are bitcoin and blockchain? What’s the difference?

11:00 – Environmental impact of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

13:00 – What steps have been taken in Liechtenstein to make sure cryptocurrency or blockchain could be applied in a practical way?

15:00 – Bitcoin vs the Bank.

16:00 – The Liechtenstein Blockchain Act.

17:00 – Major changes that need to happen to advance the application of blockchain technology: regulation and ease of use.

21:00 – Welcome to the Age of Assets: Brokers vs. Owners episode – Companies are waiting for clearer regulations before moving into new markets.

22:00 – What are the differences between cryptocurrencies?

22:00 – Proof-of-work vs Proof-of-stake.

24:00 – What are smart contracts?

27:00 – I’d Like a PhD With a Side of AI episode – Automating repeatable tasks and re-honing the workforce to be thinking about places of opportunity.

31:00 – European Union’s involvement in blockchain.

34:00 – Tokenization and a token economy – Turning illiquid assets liquid.

37:00 – Are banks losing control to cryptocurrencies?

42:00 – Should you be involved in cryptocurrency?

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