March 27, 2020

The Rapid Shift to a Remote Digital World

What has changed in business and technology due to the COVID-19 crisis? How can we use technology to evolve our businesses? How are we going to have to change in order to reemerge in a good place?

Summary: Get ready to dive into how current events are changing the landscape of technology, supply chains, and how we conduct business.  We take a look at different ways to set up organizations for success with remote work and how our demand is putting strain on the internet. We talk about how businesses are going to have to innovate to provide for their customers and how all of this will impact our supply chains. Join us as we explore how business and technology are rapidly changing to meet new demands.  

What We Covered:

  • What has changed in business and tech during the COVID-19 crisis
  • The rapid change to remote work & how levity is increasingly important
  • Technology in Remote Work (the cloud, protection and security, VPNs, VDI - will it finally have its time?, and Web 2.0 Applications)
  • How businesses that do not traditionally use tech are going to have to adapt to survive
  • Where is our supply chain going?
  • What are we doing to the internet?
  • People are having a lot of “now what?” moments because they need to adapt quickly, this is the time for innovation

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