January 27, 2019

Considering Autonomous Driving Things

Can machines have empathy? Are we ready for true autonomous driving? What happens when our technology fails us, or maybe more importantly, when we fail our technology? Brian and Malinda break down the five levels of autonomous driving and the ramifications it has on society.

Summary: Whose fault is it if your car goes rogue? Is a horse and buggy the original automated vehicle? Diving into machine morality and whether or not we can coexist on the road with our cars, Brian and Malinda discuss all things autonomous. Get ready for an episode that nerds out on lasers, maps, and the perils of driving in Boston.

What We Covered:

1:00 - Autonomous cars at CES 2019

2:00 - Driving a Tesla Model X - Breaking down autopilot and the 5 levels of autonomy.

10:00 - Recent Autonomous driving accidents

16:00 - Sensor failures and how they can cause issues.

17:00 - What is lidar?

19:00 - Predictive analytics can improve when vehicles can talk to their surroundings.

19:00 - What is AIS and how does it relate to autonomous driving?

22:00 - What is edge computing? How it’s helping streamline IoT traffic flow.

24:00 - MIT Media Lab study - Trusting in AI’s decision making.

29:00 - Legal matters could become much more difficult when ticketing automated cars.

32:00 - Leader: Alphabet’s Waymo leading autonomous vehicles in drive time.

33:00 - Loser: Apple’s Project Titan

38:00 - What happens to your car’s software if your vehicle manufacturer goes out of business?

41:00 - Will fractional ownership be the future for car owners? Is Turo ahead of the game?

44:00 - Autonomous cars effect on the auto industry and the insurance industry.

51:00 - Germany’s law prohibiting AI bias against race, gender, weight, etc.

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