February 13, 2019

When Does Facebook Lose Our Trust?

When is it too late for people to start caring about data breaches? Is it already too late? Brian and Malinda discuss the importance of protecting people's information and making sure that the information which is collected, is anonymous and used to better the user experience.

Summary: When does it become unethical for large companies like Facebook and Google to take advantage of the data they collected? Is it already unethical? Why has Brian broken up with his Apple Watch? Brian and Malinda cover tech, ethics, privacy, and the tipping point of when people start losing trust in the digital platforms they use daily. This podcast explores how Facebook is using Its user’s information and user privacy when involving minors among a string of additional questionable actions. Hearing about data breaches is becoming a norm and people are shrugging it off, but is that the best response? Listen to find out about Google and Facebook’s different responses to data breaches.

What We Covered:

1:00 - Apple and Facebook in the News - Apple bans Facebook’s Research app that paid users for data.

3:00 - TechCrunch App investigation in the Facebook Research app, and Apple banning the Facebook Research app.

6:00 - What is a VPN?

9:00 - Apple Data Protection - Apple Privacy Governance and iOS Security.

16:00 - GDPR Key Changes and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

22:00 - Onavo Privacy Policy

25:00 - HouseParty - An app similar to FaceTime with multiple people.

26:00 - WhatsApp and Bonfire: Group Video Chat

28:00 - Google apologizes for issues on their app.

33:00 - Consumers shrugging off data breaches because it's becoming a norm.

36:00 - GlassBox, Facebook Research app, and sensitive information not covered.

38:00 - The consumer tipping point, when does it start becoming a problem?

41:00 - Password Checkup - Informs users when they need to change their passwords.

45:00 - Heads Up - App game

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