January 28, 2020

CES 2020 Recap: Impossible Pork Strikes Back

What was Brian’s favorite take away from CES 2020? Whatever happened to Lora DiCarlo after CES 2019? Will parallel reality change the future of travel? Is it time to centralize your streaming services or is it time to simplify and go back to cable?

Summary: It’s been a minute, but we’re back! Fresh from his trip to CES, Brian chats with Malinda about the highs and lows of this year’s show. From digital sky writers and ping pong playing robots to parallel reality and biomimetic pleasure devices, it was a year for the books. What better way to kick off Data Myths Season Two than a recap of what we saw at CES 2020 and what we can expect to see in the future.

What We Covered:

5:45 - Brian recaps a few of his favorite things at CES including digital sky writers and ping pong playing robots.

10:55 - Electro-mechanical devices rule. Remember the back flipping dog at CES 2019? This year Brian was impressed with Omron’s ping pong playing robot which can imitate slow and fast twitch muscles.

13:10 - Standing ovation for Delta, who became the first major airline ever to keynote and exhibit at CES.

16:30 - What is parallel reality and how could it shape the future?

17:28 - Did somebody say magic pixel? Meet MisappliedSciences, the creators of magic pixel.

19:45 - Brian saw plenty of AI-enabled products like Brunswick Boats and Doosan.

21:22 - John Deere upped their game this year by exhibiting a sprayer that could reduce herbicide use up to 90%.

24:49 - Remember Lora DiCarlo? Where is she now and how were her products received at CES 2020 compared to CES 2019?

28:24 - How has the trade war with China impacted its CES 2020 presence?

31:20 - Why can’t American forces use Tik Tok anymore? Spoiler alert: security breach.

32:49 - It’s 2020 and we’re still talking about 5G at CES (and autonomous cars too).35:50 Tired of managing different apps for different shows? Meet Dabby.

37:50 - Brian’s thoughts on the virtual humans at CES.

39:13 - Brian’s impossible battle with Impossible Pork at CES 2020.

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